Missions & Vision

Vision Statement

A healthy, safe, and thriving community for all.

Mission Statement

The mayor's Health Task Force is a multi-sector coalition that promotes health equity for all, through advocacy, education, capacity-building, and networking.

Values Statement

  • Inclusivity

We believe in the importance of fostering inclusivity – an environment where everyone’s needs are addressed and voices are heard.

  • Collaboration

We know that collaborating with representatives from diverse sectors helps solve community problems.

  • Community

We are committed to the community, which is the core of our existence. By building trusting relationships, we advance our collaborative work.

  • Compassion

We understand that compassion is at the heart of a healthy and thriving community.

  • Grassroots Engagement

We believe that the key to our success relies on the community’s involvement and buy-in. 


In July 2010, the MA Department of Public Health requested that the MHTF assume the responsibility of administering CHNA (Community Health Network Area) 11, extending our reach to Methuen, Andover, North Andover and Middleton, a testament to the exponential growth in membership and scoop of the MHTF, and its transformative work in the community.

Working Groups/Subcommittees

  • MHTF General Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday on a bi-monthly basis from 10:00am-12:00pm


  • Capacity Building Trainings

  • Systems/Policy Changes

  • Citywide Awareness Campaigns

  • Environmental Campaigns