Meet the Departments Heads

  1. mianello

    Mark J. Ianello

    Chief Administrative and Finance Officer
    Phone: 978-620-3071

  1. rceballos

    Ramona Ceballos


  1. dcole

    Donna Cole

    Payroll Director
    Phone: 978-620-3021

  1. Brian-Moriarty

    Brian Moriarty

    Fire Chief
    Phone: 978-620-3400

  1. ok-William Castro-modified

    William Castro

    Chief of Staff
    Phone: 978-620-3015

  1. Carmen Lopez, Director of The Bellevue Cemetery

    Carmen Lopez

    Cemetery Director
    Phone: 978-620-3561

  1. Jannelvy-Martinez

    Jannelvy Martinez

    Purchasing Agent
    Phone: 978-620-3242

  1. jmelendez

    Jaime Melendez

    Director Veterans' Services

  1. IMG_2506

    Jorge Jaime

    Acting Public Works Director
    Phone: 978-620-3090

  1. carlo castillo

    Carlos Castillo

    Director of Information Technology
    Phone: 978-620-3710

  1. avega

    Alexcy Vega, MAA

    Chair and Chief Assessor

  1. mvelez

    Martha Velez

    Director of Human Services
    Phone: 978-620-3541

  1. Headshot

    Gina LaGreca

    Personnel Director
    Phone: 978-620-3061

  1. William Hale, Water Commisioner

    William Hale

    Water Commissioner
    Phone: 978-620-3110

  1. Francisco Ureña

    Francisco Ureña

    Airport Manager

  1. Alfonso

    Alfonso Garcia

    Director of Inspectional Services
    Phone: 978-620-3140

  1. Eileen Connor Bernal

    Eileen O’Connor Bernal

    City Clerk
    Phone: (978) 620-3232

  1. Janelle Abreu modified

    Janelle Abreu

    Library Director
    Phone: 978-620-3601

  1. Daniel McCarthy-modified

    Daniel McCarthy

    Land Use Planner/ Conservation Agent
    Phone: 978-620-3505

  1. Perla

    Perla Ortiz

    Treasurer / Tax Collector