Safe & Healthy Homes Program 

Become an AmeriCorps team member – A year of service to your community 

     The City of Lawrence, the City of Methuen, and AmeriCorps have joined forces to Promote safe and healthy homes. Through this program we will be educating tenants and landlords about simple, cost-effective ways to achieve a healthy household and a healthy community.  

     By joining our team, you will conduct visual assessments of homes within the communities, provide important and educational materials about asthma, lead prevention, green energy and other healthy initiatives, while strengthen neighborhoods through public health announcements in local radio, T.V, and social media. 

$17,600 stipend for living expenses 
$6,495 education stipend for tuition  
Incredible experience with the Board of Health and Inspectional Services
Engage with Lawrence and Methuen communities. 
Build lifelong friendships with a mission-driven team.
Public service in the community will enhance the resume when looking for work in Public Health.
Valuable professional experience with the Board of Health and Inspectional Services
Help provide Lawrence and Methuen communities with much-needed resources.

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